Sports & Recreation

Sports are an integral part of a healthy and delightfully robust lifestyle. Century Club recognizes this and thus provides its members with top-notch sporting facilities that cater to the interests and preferences of members of all ages.


Two beautiful wooden courts with coaching camps and intra and inter club tournaments through the year ensure that the bonding created by the players transcends time and boundaries for which a packed sit out in the evenings bears testimony.

Timings :
6.30 am to 10.30 am and 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm
6.30 am to 10.30 am on Sundays
4.00 pm to 8.30 pm on Mondays


The Billiards Room is fully air conditioned with four tables and a great ambience and can be described in just two words… affable and addictive… all because of the crowd that hangs out here and who prefer to be called, “The Family”!

The intra and inter club billiards and snooker tournaments round the year, ensure that the game will always remain popular.

Timings :
2.00 pm to 10.00 pm;
11.30 am to 9.30 pm (on Sundays)


Rummy, Twenty One and Bridge… choose any game and any table. Air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms with stakes ranging from passing time to serious. Numerous tournaments with attractive prizes, including special “ladies only” tournaments, conducted throughout the year, makes the place the perfect retreat to pass, otherwise, dull evenings.

Timings :
3.00 pm to 11.00 pm


A fully equipped Gym with Cardio and Resistance machines, it has experienced trainers and instructors who are always available to help both, the beginners and the pros. Sauna, Steam and Massage facilities for both men and women complement the Gym in creating a holistic centre.

Timings :
6.30 am to 9.00 pm;
6.30 am to 3.00 pm (on Sundays)

Swimming Pool

A Swimming Pool with crystal clear water, well maintained and situated in the lap of nature, makes for an ideal destination for all those who want to just splash around or enjoy a rigorous swim to stay in shape. Coaches, Life Guards and competitions make the place even more attractive and safe for both, the children and adults, alike.

Timings :
6.30 am to 1.00 pm
3.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Mondays Holiday

Table Tennis

Three tables of international standard with professional lighting, a sports flooring, spacious playing area and a cosy sit out, splattered with numerous tournaments make the perfect script for a destination sport. And a multitude of entusiastic players adds to the joy of competitiveness and companionship at the same time.

Timings :
7.00 am to 11.00 am
4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
7.00 am to 12.30 pm on Sundays


Three well maintained clay courts and flood lights combined with coaching camps, AITA tournaments and Intra Club tournaments, make the place very popular, both in the morning and evening. The players are a very cohesive lot, making the ambience very affable and gregarious.

Timings :
6.30 am to 11.30 am
3.30 pm to 7.00 pm
6.30 am to 11.00 am on Sundays


Not just a pastime, Tombola in Century Club is a celebration… and an incentive… to meet friends and their families. Always crowded, especially during the eagerly awaited Bumper Tombolas, it is a sheer joyful two hours spent in tense anticipation of hearing lucky numbers.

Timings :
6.45 pm to 8.45 pm (on Thursdays)
6.00 pm to 8.00 pm (on Sundays)

Timings are subject to change.